About SQLBot.co

The team at EarthClassMail.com crafted, launched, and operates SQLBot. The idea for SQLBot sprang alive one afternoon when Doug Breaker, CEO of EarthClassMail.com and former SQL Jockey, angrily shook his fist and shouted, "I just want to be able to see SQL reports in Slack!!" Slack rocks. SQL rocks. Now you may get some young whippersnappers yapping your ear off about no-SQL databases, but in the end it all comes back to SQL. Ok, maybe not all, but a lot.

SQLBot gets your SQL reports into Slack easier than a warm knife goes through butter. Simply create your connection, enter your SQL, define your Slack command, and boom! You're the new proud owner of a Slack command to show your report.

Fancy? Nah. Insanely useful? Absolutely.

We hope you like it.

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We pump out some crazy fun code at EarthClassMail.com. Our daily coding ranges from building OCR libraries to understanding change of address stickers on envelopes, to writing printer and scanner drivers to talk to our main application, to crafting elegant user experiences for our customers.

Do you want to walk in to work every morning ready to take on a challenge that stimulates your brain? Do you want to skip the BS of big company politics and just get to do great work?

EarthClassMail.com stands out as the rare startup company that runs a profit, consistently grows in revenue and employees, and answers to a killer ownership group (Scaleworks.com). Come join us.

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