Write SQL reports, see them in Slack. Schedule reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Get SQL Results in Slack in Under A Minute

SQLBot makes you a reporting superstar

Step 1 - Write SQL

All the new kids brag about their "no-SQL" databases. Phooey. Real businesses still use SQL. Create a SQLBot account for free, write SQL to your heart's content and show those young hipsters who's boss.

write sql for slack

Step 2 - Connect to Slack

Click "Add to Slack", then sign into your Slack account directly from SQLBot; choose a channel and a command name. That's it.

connect sql to slack

Step 3 - Get results in Slack (and bask in the glory)

Pop into slack, lay down a "/SQLBot 'report magic word'" command, and wham! Results smack you right in the face.

The next time your CEO says, "man, I wish we could see this data in Slack", you raise your hand and say, "I'm your Huckleberry". *

* check out the movie Tombstone if that doesn't make any sense

Sql results in slack

Makes SQL reporting in Slack dead simple. So simple your grandma could do it.

write sql for slack
connect sql to slack
sql results in slack

Grizzled SQL veterans love it:

It took me years to embrace SQL. Data isn't meant to be structured, and "Query" is just a fancy word for "Search"! But after years of resisting, I finally got in line. Then, the other day, my boss asked me if I could put some reports in Slack. It's just a newfangled version of IRC, with weird colors! My whole fight against SQL flashed before my eyes. I was at an all time low.

Then I found SQLBot! I can write SQL, and don't have to mess with all the Slack mumbo jumbo! I was preparing myself for a decade-long philosophical war, and now I don't have to. The boss man gets his reports in his fancy GUI, and I can go back to doing what I do best. Debating the pros and cons of various COBOL compilers on Reddit.

Now if they only had a Fortran parser...

Marty Mavis

Take your no SQL databases and shove 'em. I grew up on SQL, and still eat it for breakfast. In fact, I once spent 4 years avoiding any fancy "user interface" and working directly in SQL. I was like Tank from The Matrix, but instead of looking at falling green characters I stared at left outer joins.

Slack rocks. You know what doesn't rock? Getting SQL report results into Slack.

Before SQLBot, getting SQL results into Slack meant building a hubot Slack bot, calling Heroku dataclips to get their JSON results, formatting those in CoffeeScript, and dumping them into Slack. SQLBot makes this a thousand times easer and a million times faster, worth its weight in gold.

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